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Work It: A Study in Fashion Photography Portraiture

Description: Fashion is a device with which the perception of one’s appearance is manipulated. It is a device that is used across all cultures to identify, symbolize, isolate, and appropriate. It is figuratively and literally woven into the fabric of humankind as a whole. Fashion
has the ability to both reinforce gender or create dissonance within it through androgynous silhouettes. It can express strength and confidence or emphasize vulnerability.

Through the use of specific studio lighting techniques, I was able to accentuate design elements of a highly curated collection of avant-garde, 21st century garments. Drape, texture, form, and luster are but a few elements examined in this study. The models were given time to familiarize themselves with the aesthetics of their assigned fashion and were briefed on the designers’ intentions, cultural backgrounds, philosophies and design principles before each shoot. Thus, the study depicts all models embodying a strong sense of oneness with each of their corresponding looks, allowing for highly informed expressions and poses.

The study makes use only of black in the fashion to eliminate distraction, paradoxically create tranquility and severity within the setting, and to further emphasize silhouette and human expression in a deeply thoughtful way.

This project also demonstrates the use of augmented reality through the iPhone application, Layar. By using the app, the viewer can see the photographs change in real time as the models shuffle through different poses.

Year: 2016

Client: The University of Akron Honors College

Role: Styling, studio lighting, photography, printing, installation, augmented reality

Technique: DSLR camera, Epson oversized printer, Layar iPhone application